5 reasons not to smoke weed

So all of you would like to know the real reasons not to smoke weed, here im going to write five real reasons about not smoking weed and what these reasons bring good to you.While this is growing occurrence nowadays most of the users are still before 18 years and on so here comes a reason.

1.First of all it lowers your intelligence level permanently, while your brain is still developing, you suffer a significant reduction in intelligence that follows throughout life.This may explain why people who use this drug often seem to fail to develop successful careers.

2.It denies you a serious job,most of them are drug tested and upcoming exams so you can't concentrate long enough,it affects your communication in such a way that people will think you're uneducated and not someone they can rely on.

3. It costs, it's expensive, depending on how much and how good of weed you smoke it could cost you about $15-$100+ a month.So instead of spending that money on weed you could buy something else or you could go to gym.

4.It is a stress relivier but makes you less ambitious,makes you a lazy person,it's really easy to lose track of time when you're high, keeps you from living fully and leads to harder drugs, which MIGHT lead to mental illness

5.Weed is illegal,to get it you're going to have to break the law and become part of black market.This will put you in contact with dangerous people.Since it is illegal and it comes with some steep penalties they will have no problem busting you.


  1. You're so fucking stupid, it's hilarious.

    1. No dude, you just think this is stupid because you like to smoke weed and don't want to quit

    2. I really hope that I can "go to gym"... and maybe on the way there I will meet a drug dealer at the local black market where I will be stoned to death by the feds. However, then the bad and dangerous people I have connected with may attack them all. Then who knows... WWIII???

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  2. I see people I used to smoke with doing nothing with their lives.

    Musicians who won't practice enough to be pros when they could easily be if they did.

    They have all the excuses they need and people in thier lives to enable them to "beat all the sheep" "see throught it all man".

    I can tell when I talk to them they aren't making the connections the way someone who doesn't do it does.

    It is illegal.

    I think it ought to stay that way.

    More kids would rather get high than do a productive mastery task than I can possibly see as acceptable.

    It seems like to justify it they have this comsmic compassion, which really seems like simple ambivalence.

    All of the enlightenment I've gained has been through hard work and focus in meditative practice.

    They aren't really that funny.

    Or nice come to think of it.

  3. Weed is for those who wish to escape life for the moment and relax......except the moment can become a decade or two and then the Schizophrenia sets in after the brain has had its fill. Go ahead and take a drug without thinking of the consequences of it altering your mental health. Kill who you truly are and smoke up......can you really take anyone else seriously worth yourself when high or ohhh.. I am just buzzed.........have children and smoke it with them and let them drive your car to go to the store with your credit card...........they should legalize it , but I am an misanthropist who can not stand the whole culture and what it has done to the thinking of the individuals in this country especially me who could of done allot better had I used my mind rather than get lifted.

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